Researchers & Staff

Construction Industry Innovation Division

The division studies policies for innovation in the construction industry and to
strengthen the competitive edge of the specialty construction industry.

Name Position Research information
Seungkook Park (Division Manager) Executive Researcher Construction Industry Policies,
Construction Industry Areas, Fair Trade
Jonggwang Lee Executive Researcher Construction Industry Policies,
Construction Subcontracting Policies, Conflict Resolution
Sungjin Hong Senior Principal Researcher Housing & Cities, Fair Trade,
Contract Claims
yungtae Lee Senior Researcher
Hoil Lee Principal Researcher Smart Construction Technology, Construction Policy, Construction Economy
ChulHo Bae Visiting Research Fellow Construction Industry Policies

Economics and Finance Research Division

The Economics and Finance Research Division conducts economic, construction
research issues, trend analyses and research on construction finance

Name Position Research information
KwangBai Park (Division Manager) Executive Researcher Production Factors (Labor), Contract Systems,
Construction Finance & Guarantees
Sungu Park Senior Principal Researcher Construction Finance,
Construction Guarantees,
Industrial Organization
Taejun Kim Senior Principal Researcher Management Strategies, International Management,
Construction Finance etc.
Eunhyeong Lee Senior Principal Researcher Construction Industry Trends & Conditions,
Management Strategies, Landscape
(Urban Regeneration & Cultures)
Jooan Kwon Visiting Research Fellow Housing market.
Housing policy.

Future Strategy Research Division

The Future Strategy Research Division studies preemptive response measures that
forecase and prepare for changes in the future construction industry.

Name Position Research information
Seongho Hong (Division Manager)
Executive Researcher
Construction Fee & Process Management,
Contract Systems, Safety
Ilhan Yu Executive Researcher Technology Policies, Contract Systems,
Overseas Construction
Jaeyong Cho Principal Researcher Japanese Construction Policies,
QCDS Management
Daeun Jeong Principal Researcher Eco-friendly Construction,
Construction Maintenance, City Maintenance
Jewook Lee Principal Researcher Legislation, institution, carbon neutrality, climate change

Overseas Cooperation TF

The Overseas Cooperation TF conducts ODA projects and research related to the
support of the overseas expansion of Korean construction companies

Name Position Research information
Taejun Kim Team Manager Management Strategies,
International Management, ODA Project

Administration Division

The Administration Division offers administrative
support for the smooth execution of research.

Name Position Major field
Hyemin Cho Manager General Affairs, Public Relations
Jieun Choi Manager Research Support, Human Resources Management
Jeongjoo Kim Assistant Manager Finance & Accounting
Seongyong Cho Manager Secretary of the President
Seongjong Kim General Manager Administration