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We will strive to present development strategies for the construction industry.

We are working for the development strategies of the construction industry
Challenges and Missions : Creating the future values of construction industry

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The environment of the construction industry has been changing dramatically. Due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is a demand for innovation across the whole process of construction and the methods have evolved along with the technology integration. The urbanization that led to the boom in construction industry has ended and the aging population and low birth rate have reshaped the labor market. And the worldwide trend of slow economic growth is affecting the size and form of construction demand to a great extent. Recently, the basis for innovation of the production structure was set up by the agreement between the government and the construction companies

RICON, as the think tank of the construction industry, has been working hard on the development of construction industry in the government policies, the individual companies’ strategies and the future technology. We, as the construction industry platform, will keep on doing the best on the proposals of strategy and policy which will enhance the competitiveness of our industry facing the challenges of the ‘smart’ era, the production integrations, and the structural innovation.

We, the RICON, will put our hands to open the future of Korea’s construction industry. We appreciate for your continuous encouragement and supports. Thank you very much.