Research Topics

Construction Industry Innovation Division

The Construction Industry Innovation studies issues related to the construction industry and
construction technologies and policies for the specialty construction industry for innovation
in the construction industry. The division will do its best to bring about innovation in the construction industry and
acquire global competitiveness based on a network of industry, universities and
institutes and various construction policy R&D experiences.

Main Areas of Research
  • Construction
    Systems &
  • Construction
    Industry Production Systems
  • Construction
    Industry Innovation, New Projects Discovery and Promotion
  • Guarantee Against Defect, Conflict Settlement
  • Fair Trade, Subcontracting, Mutual Growth

Economy and Finance Division

The Economy and Finance Division is periodically offering business analyses and prospects of the construction industry
and providing implications to the industry through studies of construction guarantees and
finance, business strategies and production factors, etc. The division will provide knowledge and
information that can aid in effective decision making to diverse stakeholders of the construction
industry and contribute to the development of the construction industry.

Main Areas of Research
  • Trends & Prospects
  • Business Strategies
  • Production Factors
  • Construction
    Finance &
  • Housing &
    Real Estate

Future Strategy Research Division

The Future Strategy Research Division studies preemptive response measures that
forecase and prepare for changes in the future construction industry.

Main Areas of Research
  • Construction Technology & Corporate Innovation
  • Construction Processes & Contract Systems
  • Overseas Expansion of Small Businesses & Specialty Construction Industry
  • Improvement of Construction Productivity
  • Maintenance of Buildings &

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division offers administrative support for smooth execution of
research and is in charge of publishing and PR activities to maximize research results

Main Areas of Research
  • Administrative
    & Work Mediation
  • Budgets,
    Settlement & Other Accounting
  • HR Management
    & Training
  • Publishing & Publication Management
  • PR &
    Corporate Affairs