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RICON is promoting collaborations by activating a network with specialists of various fields in order to present proper construction policies and strategies that can develop the construction industry and increase the competitive edge of the specialty construction industry.

To propose a research project, insert the information below and we will reflect it in our research activities after internal review.
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Agreement to the Use and Collection of Personal Information
Based on the「Law Regarding the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Protection Information」, the following is regarding the agreement to the collection of personal information in relation to the RICON network application. Information collected for the RICON network service is protected according to the Personal Information Protection Act, and RICON manages the information according to the Personal Information Processing Policy and uses it only for the purpose of collection.

▸ Purpose of Information Collection & Use
- Collected personal information only used for RICON network service provision purposes

▸ Items of Collected Information
- Name, current affiliation and position, area of specialty (major), contact information, email

▸ Holding & Use Period of Personal Information
- Until end of cooperative activities (acceptance for 2 years)
I was notified of the collection and use as stated above in relation to personal
information and use of service, which I fully understand, and I agree to the contents of
personal information I am providing.